New WW Program: Mellon Mays GAP

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program (Mellon Mays GAP) helps Mellon Mays Fellows who have recently graduated maintain their graduate school ambitions and progress towards an academic career. The program, administered by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, will include structured activities, live and on-demand media resources, coaching and mentoring, and special events like intensive boot camps and regional gatherings.

Mellon Mays Fellows who are taking time between completing their undergraduate degree and applying to doctoral programs will have access to one of two tracks—either a six-month or a full-year curriculum—based on their plans. The video above gives a brief introduction into the new program.

By offering extra support and resources, the Mellon Mays GAP aims to strengthen the pipeline of Fellows pursuing advanced degrees and careers in academia. Mellon Mays Fellows who are working, traveling, on fellowship, or enrolled in a terminal master’s degree program are eligible to participate. Mellon Mays alumni who are grad students, postdocs, or faculty are encouraged to get involved as mentors or coaches. More information about the program and registration can be found here.


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