Roundtable: Civics Roadmap for Educators

WW President Rajiv Vinnakota recently spoke on a panel with the Center for Education Reform at the ASU + GSV Summit. Titled, “Toward a More Perfect Union: A Civics Roadmap for Frontline Educators,” the discussion focused on how best to equip schools and teachers with the tools to reach and teach students about America’s founding principles. Moderated by Ian Rowe of American Enterprise Institute, the conversation laid out practical advice for teachers to create their own roadmap for teaching civics. Mr. Vinnakota reiterated the need to expand the focus of civic education beyond the classroom and to have adult scaffolding for young people’s civic learning. Other members of the panel included Louise Dube of iCivics, Jeff Rosen of the National Constitution Center, and Bob Woodson of the Woodson Center and the 1776 Unites Campaign. See the recording of the full roundtable above.


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