Students of WW HistoryQuest Fellow Create Museum Resources

Pictured at a November 2018 book signing for If These Stones Could Talk are (l-r) Cynthia Assini, District Social Studies Supervisor for the Hillsborough Township Public Schools; co-authors Elaine Buck and Beverly Mills; and Scott Kallens, WW HistoryQuest Fellow and history teacher at Hillsborough High School.

The Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum (SSAAM) is a new museum in Hopewell, NJ, that aims to tell the story of the unique culture, experiences, and contributions of the African American community of the Sourland Mountain Region. The museum worked with Hillsborough High School social studies teacher and 2016 WW HistoryQuest Fellow Scott Kallens and his students to design resources and learning activities to help expand the offerings of the museum.

This summer, the students met with the SSAAM board to present their projects, including a virtual reality tour of the area, an interactive reconstruction timeline, a 3D display of an 1864 map of the local farms, and a four-part exhibition telling the stories of local African Americans who played a role in the Civil War. Some of the student groups are continuing their work with SSAAM this school year.

Mr. Kallens notes that, while the Stoutsburg project isn’t about games, it was the game-based/game design approach that WW HistoryQuest took that got him thinking more about students’ participation in their own learning, which led in turn to the current blend of service learning and history that his students are doing through projects like the Stoutsburg collaboration. Mr. Kallens is working with school district leaders to develop similar projects to use throughout the district.



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