Ten Fellows named to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

As one of the nation’s oldest learned societies, The American Academy serves the nation as a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge. Out of the 177 Fellows elected to the Academy in 2018, 10 came from Woodrow Wilson Foundation programs.

Robert Audi WF ’63 • University of Notre Dame

Sylvain Cappell WF ’66 • New York University

Deborah A. Cohen MN ’91 • Northwestern University

Ezekiel J. Emanuel CN ’86 • University of Pennsylvania

Matthew T. Kapstein CN ’84 • University of Chicago Divinity School/Sorbonne

Robert L. Kendrick CN ’92 • University of Chicago

Sara Kiesler WF ’61 • Carnegie Mellon University

Nathaniel Mackey WF ’69 • Duke University

Laurie L. Patton CN ’90 • Middlebury College

Jacqueline Stone CN ’88 • Princeton University


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