Video: Reimagining Teacher Preparation

The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning is reimagining how teachers and school leaders will be prepared for the classrooms of today and tomorrow. But with a crowded field of teacher preparation programs, what makes the WW Academy special?

For WW President Arthur Levine, “The Academy is a dream come true.”

“After years, decades, of working on areas of education and teacher education in particular, this is a chance rethink it,” says Dr. Levine in a recent interview. “Not to reform it, not to tinker with it, but to dream about what it would be like for the twenty-first century—what’s it going to be like for a global, digital, information economy. And you get to start with a clean slate—that’s magic.”

From its competency-based model to curriculum delivered through challenges to the partnership with local school districts, hear in this video from Dr. Levine and the team involved with building the WW Academy about the aspects of its work that excite them the most.


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