Video: WW Academy Design Fellows Start Work

In September, the WW Academy’s inaugural class of Design Fellows arrived in Cambridge and set about their work helping Academy faculty and staff develop a new kind of teacher preparation. The ten Fellows will spend the next year testing and refining the WW Academy’s competency-based master’s degree. They will be brainstorming and designing elements of the program, focusing on the skills that today’s—and tomorrow’s—teachers need.

Through a design-thinking approach, the Fellows have been working with the challenge-based curriculum, as well as spending time in local schools and other learning environments. See some of the work they’re doing in the video above.

The WW Academy, in collaboration with MIT, is reinventing teacher education for the 21st century. Teacher candidates will progress through a problem-based, individualized, adaptive curriculum by mastering core teaching competencies. WW Academy students experience the challenge-based curriculum in a blended environment, including online and face-to-face learning. Master’s candidates are also immersed in clinical settings in Boston-area public schools. Throughout their first two years of teaching they will receive continued mentoring and professional development.


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