Woodrow Wilson Perspectives: Seven decades of leadership

WWPers featured imageWorld War II veterans were the very first Woodrow Wilson Fellows, and their Fellowships helped them prepare to teach in colleges and universities as a tidal wave of new undergraduates entered through the G.I. Bill. So maybe it’s especially appropriate that we’re launching this new online publication, WW Perspectives, on November 11, Veterans Day.

Over the past seven decades, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has developed leaders in education and other fields. Since its early days, the Foundation has reflected, represented, and cultivated many perspectives. It has continued to help prepare generations of college faculty, as well as leaders in fields like international affairs, public policy, ethics and values, gender studies, and other areas of national need.

For the past 35 years, Woodrow Wilson has also created partnerships between universities and K–12 schools. Today several of its newer programs aim to prepare teachers and leaders for America’s high-need schools, an area where the nation urgently needs talented, skilled people with the kind of preparation that allows them to push American education forward in a changing world.

These years of effort, across a range of disciplines and at various intersections between education and national policy, have given the Woodrow Wilson Foundation a unique perspective on leadership in education. They’ve also led to the cultivation of a network of more than 21,000 Fellows, including 14 Nobel Laureates, 36 MacArthur “Genius” Fellows, 16 Pulitzer Prize winners, 28 national medalists, and thousands of everyday heroes in and beyond education—all with their own remarkable perspectives.

WW Perspectives will showcase updates and thoughts from the Foundation’s leadership, including its president, Arthur Levine, and staff across our range of Fellowships. We’ll also take the opportunity to post perspectives from and interviews with Fellows who are leading the way in their fields, demonstrating the power of education and the importance of cultivating leaders like them. We’ll have profiles and podcasts and portraits to share.

We’re proud of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s Fellows and of the work we’re doing today, in and through education. We have a lot of important, timely, thoughtful stories to tell. If you’re a Fellow, we’d like to hear your story too; email us at [email protected]. And stay tuned for more on these pages.


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