WW EVP/COO in The Chronicle of Higher Education

People in the professional and academic space are well acquainted with videoconferencing. From FaceTime to Skype, video communications have become one more way to converse with each other. It also prevents an equitable and accessible method for interviewing, says WW Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Stephanie J. Hull in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

And yet sometimes, at the moments when we most want to present ourselves well, video can trip us up. Dr. Hull gives readers some tips for putting the best face on a video interview:

Make sure your basic technology works well. Test it with one person and with a group of friends or colleagues. Is it better to use the computer audio or your phone? (Pro tip: Using both, on purpose or not, causes terrible feedback.) Do you know where all the buttons are — so you can mute and unmute, start and stop video, leave the meeting, change the screen view, use the chat function, and so on? Should you use headphones? With or without a mic? Establish your comfort zone in advance. If you know your Wi-Fi sometimes hiccups, ask for a phone number you can call should that happen.”

Read the other tips and full article here.


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