WW Fellows Win 2020 Guggenheim Fellowships

This spring, from an applicant pool of nearly 3,000, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation selected 175 writers, scholars, artists, and scientists as the 2020 Guggenheim Fellows. Nine of this year’s Guggenheim Fellows are also Fellows from various WW programs.

Guggenheim Fellows are selected annually “on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise.” The nine WW Fellows recognized this year include five Andrew W. Mellon Fellows in Humanistic Studies (MN) and four Newcombe Fellows (CN):

Amy N. Burnett CN ’87 | University of Nebraska-Lincoln, intellectual and cultural history

Sarah Buss MN ’83 | University of Michigan, philosophy

Robert Ford Campany CN ’87 | Vanderbilt University, religion

James T. Campbell CN ’86 |Stanford University, U.S. history

Garth Richard Greenwell MN ’03 | Iowa City, Iowa writer, fiction

Susan M. Juster CN ’88|University of Michigan, U.S. history

Vera Audrey Keller MN ’03 | University of Oregon, intellectual and cultural history

Bernadette A. Meyler MN ’95 | Stanford Law School, constitutional studies

Kimberly K. Phillips-Fein MN ’98 | NYU-Gallatin School of Individual Study, U.S. history

This group of scholars represents the next generation of leaders in their fields. The Woodrow Wilson Foundation is proud to have supported them at various stages of their careers.


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