WW Fellows win Fellowships and Honors

In April, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation awarded 168 Fellowships for their 2019 class. Of these scholars, artists, and writers, eight are Fellows from various Woodrow Wilson Foundation programs. The Guggenheim Foundation calls these fellows the “best of the best.”

Woodrow Wilson Fellows awarded Guggenheim Fellowships in 2019:

  • Hester Blum MN ‘95
  • Michael K. Bourdaghs MN ‘89
  • Ian Burney MN ‘85
  • Agnes Callard MN ‘97
  • Marjorie Garber WF ‘66
  • Mark Jurdjevic CN ‘02
  • Erik Mueggler MN ‘87
  • Robert B. Pippin WF ‘70

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences has also elected its new members for this year. The 2019 class recognizes 200 individuals doing outstanding work in academia, the arts, business, government, and public affairs. Among the new members are three Fellows from the larger WW network:

  • Mary Louise Pratt WF ’70
  • Paul E. Turner CEF ‘04
  • Kelly R. Zamudio CEF ‘02


From Civic Ed to Civic Learning

The white paper by WW President Rajiv VInnakota aims to better understand how the work of funders, policymakers, educators, researchers, and nonprofit organizations comes together and interacts to produce the current system of civic education.

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