WW Perspectives Podcast: Episode four

What is the difference between games like history bingo and the interactive games that WW HistoryQuest Fellowship focuses on? It’s all in how students apply what they experience, says WW Executive VP and COO Stephanie J. Hull in this episode of the WW Perspectives podcast:

What students learn when they play these games is that every move that is made in a historical situation changes the outcome of history. They see themselves as players, potentially, in history, and they also see how individual people are actors in history. History is not just this collection of dates or names of great men—but it is based on the way that people interacted, the way that decisions were made, the way that actions affected outcomes. It’s hoped that students who learn history that way will be able to think more broadly about history as opposed to memorizing specific dates and actions.

HistoryQuest aims to use the power of games, play, and digital tools to transform both teacher practice and student engagement. To learn more about the program and to nominate a New Jersey American history teacher, click here. Nominations are due by November 30.


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