WW President Levine in Forbes on Skills Needed for Teachers in Today’s and Tomorrow’s Schools

As the U.S. moves from a national, analog, industrial economy, to a global, digital, information economy, all industries, including education, must figure out how best to adapt. In a recent article in Forbes, WW President Arthur Levine explains five major changes teachers must make to prepare for the classroom of the future. He says of the necessary shifts:

They will occur through the reform of existing schools and the creation of new ones. There will be defenses of existing practice, experiments in reform, new models of schooling and changes in public policy. Out of this melange will come the school of the global, digital, information economy.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is working towards creating that classroom of the future through the Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning. The new graduate school of education, created in partnership with MIT, will reshape teacher education, taking into account the current and future demands of teachers and presenting them with a thorough, blended program to prepare them for the field. To find out more about the WW Academy, click here.

To read the full Forbes piece, click here.


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