WW Teaching Fellows win Knowles Fellowships

Two Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows have been named Knowles Teaching Fellows. This prestigious national five-year program supports early-career high school mathematics and science teachers in their efforts to develop teaching expertise and lead from the classroom.

“The pursuit of knowledge is something that motivates me,” says Jessica Thomulka NJ TF ‘16 of both her choice to become a teacher and to apply for the Knowles Fellowship. “I have a tremendous love of learning and teaching allows me share the experience with students.”

Samantha Greenidge NJ TF ‘16 entered the classroom, in part, thanks to a high-school math teacher.

“She was able to ignite this curiosity inside me that I have not been able to turn off,” says Ms. Greenidge. “After that moment, I knew I wanted to provide that same experience for others. I want to give others the opportunity to examine, question, investigate, and engage with math so that they too can see the connections that will help them truly understand mathematical concepts.”

The Knowles Fellowship also allows Ms. Thomulka, a chemistry teacher at Woodbury City Public Schools in NJ, to continue learning about her profession as an educator, building on the foundation established by her work in the WW Teaching Fellowship program.

“Both Fellowships facilitate my growth as an educator and as a life-long learner,” says Ms. Thomulka. “WWTF gave me the opportunity to enter the teaching profession in a comfortable and supportive way and Knowles will provide me with additional resources and mentoring so I can become the best teacher I can be.”

Ms. Greenidge, who teaches at Cumberland County Technical Education Center in Vineland, echoes this notion, adding that life as an educator means to never stop learning. “I am so fortunate and appreciative to be both a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and a Knowles Fellow,” she says. “Being a Woodrow Wilson Fellow has given me the opportunity and supports needed to become a thoughtful teacher…The Knowles Fellowship leads me into the next 5 years (and beyond) of my career. I hope to take what I have already learned and build upon it.”

Both of these teachers will use the support of both organizations to create positive change in their classrooms, schools, and education as a whole.

“I hope to learn how to effectively reach all my students through inquiry, problem-based learning, and project-based learning.,” says Ms. Thomulka. “The financial support through grants will also greatly benefit my school and help close the gap between my high-need science classroom and a well-funded science classroom.”


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