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Any candidate who wishes to apply to the Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership must first be nominated by a local education leader. Self-nominations are not permitted. To submit a nomination, please complete the form below.

Nominated candidates will be provided a link to an application once the form is completed. Please inform nominees to wait for the link before creating an account.

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  • This program is designed to develop strong educational leaders who districts would want to hire as leaders. Is this nominee someone you would be comfortable hiring in a leadership position in your district, or someone you would be comfortable recommending as a leader to another district?
  • Select one from drop down list.

    If you, the nominator, are not a school district superintendent, private school head, or charter school chief executive, please provide the contact information for the SCHOOL DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT, PRIVATE or CHARTER SCHOOL EXECUTIVE who is the head of the school organization at which the nominee currently works:

    Nominee Information

    Who are you nominating?

  • Generally speaking, please provide a brief description of what you consider the three or four most important characteristics of an effective school leader.

  • Please provide a description of how your nominee demonstrates the characteristics of a school leader that you feel are most important. Please note, in particular, where the nominee is strong with respect to these characteristics, and where the candidate could benefit from further development.

    Considering other teachers or emerging leaders with which you have worked, how does your nominee compare on each of the following characteristics:



    Please inform the nominee that you have submitted their nomination for the fellowship. The nominee will receive an email with a link which describes the required materials, timing, and application process.


    By submitting this nomination form you affirm that: 1) the information provided in this form is true and correct, and 2) you consent to be contacted by a representative from the review committee to discuss your responses and provide additional information if necessary.

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