Candidates must pass the appropriate state-required basic skills teaching licensure examination(s) or demonstrate an exemption (see chart below).  As a result, we strongly encourage applicants to take and submit score reports on the appropriate tests before the established WWTF program application deadlines (Round 1: October 16, 2015; Round 2: November 30, 2015; and Round 3: January 31, 2016).

Candidates may apply without the teaching licensure examination(s) and be considered for provisional admission.  There is no guarantee that provisional admission will be granted, but if it is approved, you must take the state-required teaching licensure test in time for your score reports to arrive within six weeks after receiving provisional acceptance.  Send your official score report to the participating institution where you have been granted provisional admission and a copy of the report to the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.  Deadlines are firm, so plan accordingly.

For more information regarding state-mandated examinations, please follow the below links to the state pages.


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