Applications are open for the 2016-2017 MMFPN Mentoring Program for mentors and mentees.


Through the MMFPN Mentoring Program, pairs of MMUF alumni work together to support each other, broaden their network, and achieve their goals.

The mission of the program is to foster a culture of mentoring that

  • • Connects MMUF alumni with mentors and peers in a structured framework which encourages productive conversations around academic, professional, and life goals.
  • • Offers opportunities for MMUF alumni to build mentoring and networking skills.
  • • Provides alumni with a personal and active way to reconnect with the MMUF community.

MMFPN defines pair mentoring as a learning partnership in which a more experienced mentor draws upon his or her knowledge, skill set, and perspective to provide guidance and feedback to a mentee who correspondingly is able to grow and develop. The mentee takes an active role and responsibility for his or her own learning and development by respecting the mentor’s time and responding thoughtfully to the mentor’s questions and guidance.  The intended outcome is for the mentee to gain confidence in making strategic and informed decisions regarding his or her academic and professional life, and for the mentor to grow in his/her leadership and communication skills.

Program Structure

The MMFPN Mentoring Program offers short and/or long-term mentoring engagements that are initiated on a yearly basis. Mentors and mentees indicate the desired length of their mentoring term in their application. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to be in contact at least once a month during the mentoring period.

Mentoring terms run on the following schedule:

  • • November 2016 – February 2017 (short-term)
  • • November 2016 – June 2017 (long-term)

Mentors can accept a maximum of three (3) MMUF mentees at any given time. Mentees can have only one (1) active MMUF mentor per term.

In February and June, active mentoring pairs receive a brief survey inquiring about the end point of the interaction. If a mentor and mentee would like to formally continue their relationship after the mentoring terms, the mentee can request his or her current mentor through the MMFPN Mentoring Program for an additional term when the application re-opens.

More Information

MMFPN Mentors

MMFPN Mentees

Mentor-Mentee Expectations

Mentoring Resources

Important Program Dates

Event Date
Mentor and Mentee Applications Open September 19, 2016
Mentor and Mentee Applications Close October 1, 2016
MMFPN Sends Potential Mentors to Mentees October 10, 2016
Mentor Requests Due to MMFPN October 14, 2016
Mentors Receive Potential Mentee Profiles October 21, 2016
Mentors Accept Mentee(s) October 28, 2016
Mentoring Program Begins November 1, 2016
MMFPN Biennial Conference November 3, 2016


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