A Big Year for WW Fellows, Part I: Stepping Up

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For many years, Woodrow Wilson Fellows have been achieving national and international recognition for their work—ongoing proof that WW has an eye for talent.

This year has been no exception. Here’s the first of three posts featuring some of our Fellows’ accomplishments this year. Part I looks at some professional and academic appointments like election to major scholarly organizations, noteworthy promotions, and a few other special steps forward. Coming up in Parts II and III—major awards and prizes, as well as book awards and recognitions.

Professional and Academic Appointments and Honors

American Academy of Arts and Science:

Promotion to Senior Foreign Service, Department of State:

Appointment as president of Yachay University, a new research institution in Ecuador:

University of Michigan Arthur Fondiler Dissertation Prize–Ronit Stahl CN ’12, best history dissertation

Graham Foundation Carter Manny Award– Anna Goodman CN ‘14

National Science Teachers Association—New Science Teacher Academy:

Guggenheim Fellowship:

Abbreviation Key:

WF = Woodrow Wilson Fellow
H = Honorary Fellow
CN = Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
TF = WW Teaching Fellow
MN = Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship

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