A big year for Fellows, part I

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In 2015, the Foundation marked the 70th year since the first Woodrow Wilson Fellowship was awarded. Every year since 1945, Fellows have demonstrated the brilliance and leadership that first brought them to a selection committee’s attention, achieving national and international recognition along the way.

This year once again saw a number of Fellows do great things. Over the next few weeks, WW Perspectives will showcase some of their 2015 accomplishments. Part I looks at some professional and academic appointments like election to major scholarly organizations, noteworthy promotions, and a few other special steps forward. Coming up in Parts II and III—major awards and prizes, as well as book awards and recognitions.

Professional and Academic Appointments and Honors

Academy of Arts and Sciences
Marilyn McCord Adams WF ‘64
Patricia Smith Churchland WF ‘65
John MacFarlane MN ‘92

Guggenheim Fellows
Benjamin Reiss MN ‘89
Sarah Barringer Gordon CN ‘92
Andrew F. Jones MN ‘91
Mary Dewhurst Lewis AP ‘00
Richard Rabinowitz WF ‘66
Vanessa R. Schwartz MN ‘86
Kathleen M. Brown CN ‘88

Anna Head Distinguished Chair for Excellent Teaching, Head-Royce School
Thaddeus J. Lisowski MN ‘93

Elected Board Member, West New York (N.J.) School Board
Matthew Cheng, WW TF ‘15

Elected President, Connecticut State Senate
Martin M. Looney, WF ‘70

Teachers of the Year
Robert Foote, WW TF IN ‘11
David Johnson III, WW TF IN ‘09

Andrew Carnegie Fellowship
Laurence Ralph MN ‘04

Kind [Snacks] Cause Grant winner
Blake Nathan, WW TF IN ’12 and his non-profit foundation, Educate ME


AP = Academic Postdoctoral Fellow

WF = Woodrow Wilson Fellow

CN = Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow

TF = WW Teaching Fellow

MN = Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

If you’d like to tell us about your 2015 accomplishments, tweet at us, find us on Facebook, or send us an email to let us know!


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