Ed rock stars: WW at SXSWedu


Building on the success of its participation in South by Southwest Education (SXSWedu) last year, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation is proud to be well represented once again at “an event that celebrates educators as rock stars.”

SXSWEdu (March 7–10, Austin, TX) is now known as the place to best understand the intersection of education, technology, innovation, and leadership. From sessions to interactive workshops, learning experiences to relationship development, SXSWEdu is a hotbed of collaboration, creativity, and social change in education.

WW leaders and staff participating in this year’s SXSWEdu—including two members of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Board of Trustees—are these:

Wednesday, March 9:

  • WW President Arthur Levine and WW Trustee Jessie Woolley-Wilson will be part of a panel discussion on Cultivating Teacher Readiness in Next Gen Learning.
  • WW Academy’s Eliza Spang will be part of a workshop on Solve Design Challenges in PD and Teacher Ed.
  • WW Trustee John Katzman will be part of a panel discussion on The Common Core: Defend, Bury, or Transform?

Thursday, March 10:

  • Arthur Levine will be part of a Chronicle of Higher Education panel discussion on Great Moments in Teaching. Really?

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