Mellon + WW Fellowships

A small suite of programs at Woodrow Wilson offers support for graduate students, faculty members, and professionals who previously participated in the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowships.

These opportunities, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, provide support at different points during the academic trajectory. For MMUF Fellows, the Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program (Mellon Mays GAP) helps Mellon Mays Fellows who have recently graduated maintain their graduate school ambitions and progress towards an academic career.

Once in the professoriate, junior and adjunct faculty may pursue the Career Enhancement Fellowships.  The Career Enhancement Junior Faculty Fellowships provide support for junior faculty members to strengthen their tenure dossiers and connect with faculty colleagues who can mentor them through the tenure process. The Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship seeks to increase the presence of MMUF Fellows among tenure-track faculty in core fields of the arts and humanities by providing support for fellows so that they can focus on the research and scholarship necessary to secure a tenure-track position.

As shown in the video above, the impact of these programs is substantial. Thanks to the support of the Mellon Foundation, the Mellon + WW Fellows are well positioned to influence the institutions in which they work and the fields to which they contribute.


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Fellowship applications and opportunities can now be found on our new website, citizensandscholars.org.

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