WW Academy: Try, Learn, Try

The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning has a saying: “Try, learn, try.” The video above is a look at what that means when you’re learning to teach.

The WW Academy is a cutting edge graduate school of education. Using a competency-based approach, the master’s program is preparing tenacious math and science teachers who will stay in classrooms, drive student achievement, and lead change at the school and district levels.

As a master’s degree candidate at the WW Academy, you’ll prepare for licensure in biology, chemistry, or mathematics. You’ll help design tools for the modern classroom and learn how to customize your expertise for all types of learners. At your pace, you’ll progress through a problem-based, individualized, adaptive curriculum by mastering core teaching competencies.

You’ll be introduced to the classroom early in your program. By being paired with a veteran teacher at a Boston-area school or out-of-school learning space, you will gain valuable, practical knowledge and experience that cannot be replicated in a lecture hall. Coupled with the safe practice space of the simulation lab, your clinical experience will prepare you for the real-world problems and scenarios that arise in the classroom. Dedicated faculty mentors will support you throughout the program and for two years after you graduate to ensure you have a fulfilling and long-lasting career.

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