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Meet the Fellows: 2019 Newcombe Fellow Larkin Philpot

The Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship is the nation’s largest and most prestigious award for Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences addressing questions of ethical and religious values. The 2019 class of Fellows includes Larkin Philpot, a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. Larkin poses questions that drive his […]


Americans Don’t Know Their History

 The people of this country don’t know their American history. The vast majority of Americans couldn’t pass the U.S. citizenship test when asked test questions in a recent 50-state survey. According to a recent WW report, it is not because their teachers failed them or because students are no longer required to study American history. […]


Book Spotlight: They Were Her Property

They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South By Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers CEF ’17 Historians have gotten it wrong when it comes to white women owning slaves. Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers’ new book, They Were Her Property, sets the record straight. Using WPA interviews of formerly enslaved people, Dr. Jones-Rogers shows […]


Thoughts on the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation celebrated the tenure of Arthur Levine during a special dinner hosted by the WW Board of Trustees in June 2018. Various Trustees toasted Arthur and his work at the Foundation, exchanged gifts and memories, and enjoyed an evening with friends. See photos of the event in the gallery above. […]


Paying It Forward: Fellows Gear Gifts to Repay Stipends

Across all Woodrow Wilson programs, Fellows know the impact a fellowship can have on a career or a life. Fellowship support can free up resources to obtain the degree, embark on the research trip, or finish the book. Increasingly, Fellows who have made excellent use of the opportunities their fellowships afforded want to make sure […]


2019 Goizueta-WW Enrichment Microgrants Program

Metro Atlanta WW Teaching Fellows were able to expand their classroom learning experiences this school year through the WW + Goizueta Microgrants. The microgrants, established in 2015, allow for Fellows to attend or present at professional conferences, buy teaching materials for their classrooms, or complete community-based service learning projects. The microgrants benefit not only the […]


Book Spotlight: Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments

Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments: Intimate Histories of Social Upheaval By Saidiya Hartman CN ’90 American cities have long provided the backdrop for radical social change. In her most recent book, Saidiya Hartman reexamines the lives of Black women in Philadelphia and New York at the turn of the twentieth century. Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments is […]


Why American Don’t Know Their History and How to Change It

The vast majority of Americans couldn’t pass the U.S. citizenship test when asked test questions in a recent 50-state survey, but that’s not because their teachers failed them or because students are no longer required to study American history. It’s because the American history curriculum has focused on memorization of names, events, and dates, which […]


WW Fellows win Fellowships and Honors

In April, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation awarded 168 Fellowships for their 2019 class. Of these scholars, artists, and writers, eight are Fellows from various Woodrow Wilson Foundation programs. The Guggenheim Foundation calls these fellows the “best of the best.” Woodrow Wilson Fellows awarded Guggenheim Fellowships in 2019: Hester Blum MN ‘95 Michael K. […]


Celebrate #AAPIHeritageMonth in the classroom

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month—a time to celebrate the excellence of Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander ancestry! Generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans have enriched the history of the United States, and they continue to play an instrumental part in its success and advancement. Among many other accomplishments, Asian Americans and […]



Changing the name of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has voted unanimously to rename the organization and to remove Woodrow Wilson from its name; a new name will be announced by early fall.

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