2018: Big Year for WW Fellows

Dereck Hogan Pickering ’93 is sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

2018 was a big one for Fellows in the WW network. Frank Bidart WF ’62 won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for Half-light: Collected Poems 1965-2016. Dereck Hogan Pickering ’93 has been appointed for the office of U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova—the first Pickering Fellow to attain the Ambassadorial rank. And Tamara Markey TF ’14 was named the 2018 Indiana Teacher of the Year.

Frank Bidart WF ’62, winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in poetry

Since 1945, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has been identifying and developing leaders and institutions to meet the nation’s most critical challenges. Through the range of programs throughout its history, WW has been privileged to support more than 27,000 leaders—teachers and scholars, leaders and business people, artists and innovators. Many Fellows from various Woodrow Wilson programs have achieved notable national or international honors and distinguished positions. A great many more continue to publish new work and books and receive recognition for their outstanding teaching, research, and work in their fields.

More examples of Fellows’ accomplishments and distinctions this year: Chase F. Robinson CN ‘91 was named the Dame Jillian Sackler Director of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art at the Smithsonian, while Harry Edwards WF ‘64 was inducted into the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame. Mr. Edwards was a two-sport student-athlete at San Jose State, a sports sociology pioneer, and the founder of the Olympic Project for Human Rights.

Tamara Markey TF ’14, the 2018 Indiana Teacher of the Year

Within the academy—long at the center of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s efforts—a great number of Fellows were recognized for their outstanding work. Ten Fellows were named to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences. 11 Fellows received Guggenheim Fellowships. There are also 10 WW Fellows among the 2018 ACLS Fellows: Daphne Ann Brooks MN ’90, CEF ’03 (Yale University), Erin D. Chapman MN ’00 (The George Washington University), Caitlin A. Fitz MN ’04 (Northwestern University), Paul A. Friedland WF ’58 (Cornell University), Katja Garloff MI ’06 (Reed College), Hsuan L. Hsu MN ’98 (University of California, Davis), Keramet Reiter CN ’11 (University of California, Irvine), Caroline T. Schroeder CN ’00 AP (University of the Pacific), Vivasvan Soni AP ’00 (Northwestern University), Cecilia M. Tsu MN ’98 (University of California, Davis). And four Fellows are in this year’s National Humanities Center Fellowship class: Juliana Barr WS 96 (Duke University), Rebecca Anne Goetz CN 05 (New York University), Frances S. Hasso WS 96 (Duke University), and Meta DuEwa Jones CEF ‘08 (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

Many of the WW Fellows supported and honored by these organizations come from “second generation” Woodrow Wilson programs—those that came after the original Woodrow Wilson Fellowships from 1945 to 1972. They include Career Enhancement Fellows (CEF), Andrew W. Mellon Fellows in Humanistic Studies (MN), Newcombe Fellows (CN), and Women’s Studies Fellows (WS). This group of scholars represents today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in their fields. The Woodrow Wilson Foundation is proud to have supported them at various stages of their careers.


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