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Fellowship, Spring 2015

In this issue: MBA program expansion; new fellowship program; Daniel Larson WF ’66 to lead Yachay Tech University; perspectives on mentoring; and more.

Fellowship, Fall 2014

In this issue: “Foundation names WW Teaching Fellows in Four States; WW MBA Fellowship Expands; Pickerings Are Promoted to Senior Foreign Service; FELLOWS ON CURRENT WORLD EVENTS: Yolanda-Covington-Ward MN ’01 on Liberia; Robert H. Legvold WF ’62 on Ukraine; Shahla Talebii CN ’06 on the Middle East; NOTES ON FELLOWS: Kavli Prize; MacArthur Fellowship; National Book Awards, and more!

Why Clinical Experience and Mentoring Are Replacing Student Teaching on the Best Campuses

Woodrow Wilson Senior Fellow James W. Fraser and Audra Watson, the Foundation’s Director of Mentoring and Induction Strategy, take a look at emerging trends in clinical preparation for new teachers. This new white paper is based on experience with the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships, and includes observations from some of the colleges and universities partnering in the program.

FELLOWSHIP, Spring 2014

In this issue: Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows: Leading the Way; 2014 Newcombe Fellows and Women Studies Fellows Announced; FELLOWS IN HIGHER EDUCATION LEADERSHIP: William G. Bowen WF ’55; Carol Quillen MN ’83; David Wilson AF ’84; BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Award Winners and Finalists; Fellows Awarded National Humanities Medals and more!

Considering the Future of University-Based Teacher Education

In “Considering the Future of University-Based Teacher Preparation,” James W. Fraser, a noted historian of education, reviews decades of challenges to traditional teacher preparation, looks at some current reforms, and calls for a commitment to “reshaping the way that universities prepare great teachers for our schools.”

FELLOWSHIP, Spring 2013

In this issue: Fellows in Science: Maria Luisa Crawford WF ’60; Ayana Arce CEF ’12; Kim J. Hopper CN ’86; Elissa Epel WH ’97; COMMENTARY from education leaders and Woodrow Wilson Foundation awardees Thomas H. Kean and Jeffrey Sachs; a look at the work of two Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellows from the inaugural cohort and more!

FELLOWSHIP, Fall/Winter 2012

In this issue: New Jersey Pioneers Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship on East Coast; Secretary Clinton, Department of State Mark 20th Year of Pickering Fellowships; Jennifer Scanlon WS ’87 on Money and the Single Girl…in a Downturn; End of an Election Year: Perspectives from Gary Gutting WF ’64 H, Imani Perry MN ’94, Ezekiel Emanuel CN ’86 and Joanna Brooks CN ’98 and more!

A Life of Consequence, a Profession of Status: Enhancing Respect, Recognition, and Retention of Talented Teachers

For our society and our nation, it is imperative that education be uplifting, broadening, and rigorous. That means nothing is more important than who is standing in front of our classrooms. But in today’s climate, how can we expect the best and brightest to commit themselves to helping our children learn and grow? This report to the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is an attempt to help answer that urgent question.

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